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22 Sep 2019


From Monday to Thursday, students come at 5pm till 7pm and in this session the students learn the Holy Quran by heart according to the rules of Tajweed. On Friday the students of this class learn basic beliefs and Arkaan (Pillars of Islam) from the book “The glorious Religion” written by Allamah Muftee Muhammad Khalil Barakati from 5pm till 6pm.

Alhamdu Lillah now we have a full time Hifz Class. The students of this class attend this class 6 hours every day in three sessions. They attend this class for two hours in morning from 10am to 12pm, two hours afternoon from 2pm to 4pm and one & half hour in evening from 5pm till 7pm.


Classe 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child
Nazirah Class £4.00 per week £2.00 £2.00
Hifizul Quran Class £4.00 per week £2.00 £2.00
Translation & Explanation of the Holy Quran Class £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Urdu Language Class £10.00 per month £5.00 £5.00
Sunday Fiqh Class £0.00 £0.00 £0.00

These fees are collected so that we may be able to pay the assistant teachers who teach your children so that they are able to provide for themselves and any families they have. Also these fees are used to pay the mosque cleaner who cleans both buildings everyday so that the house of Allah is always clean and that your children have clean environment to pray and learn in.

The fees are also spent to help with equipment such as new books, benches etc. for the mosque so that your children can read new books and use the benches to put their books on them and also for any repairs that the mosque may have so that children will not be in trouble.

May Almighty Allah bless us to serve the Muslim communities in the best of our abilities.