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22 Sep 2019

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The Newcaste Central Mosque has on average atleast 2 group visits per week. The Visits Department oversees around 200 official visitors per month making the centre one of the leading institutions in the field of Islamic Education in the western world. All Visits are conducted in English and each group will receive a free copy of the official NCM guide book.


The regent's Mosque is the House of Allah (God). Modesty, cleanliness and purity are the basic tenets on which one's appearance are based for presenting oneself before the creator Allah (The exalted one). Based on these the following regulations need to be abide while visiting the Islamic Cultural centre.

    A guide accompanies all the Educational Visits Visitors are reminded that the Mosque is a place of worship, Please speak softly whilst inside the mosque chambers or prayer halls. All would need to take their shoes off when entering the prayer halls before the main entrance doors (shoe rack is provided within the prayer halls) Neither eating nor drinking is allowed inside the Prayer halls, at any time you should not have on your possession any alcoholic beverage or food containing pork or pork-related substance. When entering the mosque chambers or halls, women should cover their hair and head with a scarf. Women and girls should wear modest length skirts or loose fitting trousers. All parts of the arms and legs should be modestly covered. The children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. It is not permissible to wear only singlet, vests or shorts when visiting the mosque. Definitely switch off your mobile phones, beepers, pagers or any other such device which would cause distraction. Smoking is prohibited in the Mosque and its surrounding areas. Remember that at all times, one should behave respectfully while in the mosque and it's Vicinity. Please remind the school not to run, shout, and play while in the Prayer halls. There are Hangers in Hall A to leave the coats and bags for the school. Please request the reservation of the Hall for school lunches. Photographs can be taken by students for their School/Student projects. Commercial photography and videography are not permitted.



Our programme covers different age group and different areas in Islam. Below are different areas which are covered in our tour.


Basic introduction to Islam, Five pillars of Islam, The six Articles of Faith, Manners in Islam, Islamic activities like Nasheeds (Islamic recitations) and Islamic arts


What Islam is all about, Islamic History, the five pillars of Islam, the six Articles of Faith, Importance of places of worship, Women in Islam, Manners in Islam? Comparison between Major faiths in the worldADULTS/ UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES

Meaning and understanding of the religion of Islam, Islamic History, pillars of Islam, pillars of faith, Islam in the Media, position of Women in Islam, Multiculturalism/Modernity in London and U.K in the 21st Century, Philosophy and ethics, Islamic Arts.


The NCM provides all the required material in use during the visit, students are allowed to bring along their iPods in the Exhibition Hall. The schools are allowed to prepare their own questionnaires prior to their visits.