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22 Sep 2019


Classes Time Days Male or Female
Quranic Nazirah  Class 04:00pm till 07:00pm Monday – Friday Male/Female
Hifzul Quran Class 05:00pm till 07:00pm Monday – Friday Male/Female
Translation & Explanation of the Holy Quran  Class 06:00pm till 07:30pm Monday – Thursday Male
Urdu language Class 10:00am till 12:00pm Saturday and Sunday Male/Female
Sunday Fiqh & Aqaa’id Class 07:00pm till 08:00pm Sunday Male



In this class, students learn how to recite the Holy Quran. We start them from basics on how to say each Arabic letter with ‘Tajweed’. They start to read a very basic book that teaches them how to say basic words before letting them on to the Holy Quran. Once they are reciting the Holy Quran we as their teachers give them support so that they can recite the Holy Quran with respect and if there are reasons that they are unable to attend the class on a regular basis they must tell their teacher in advance otherwise they may be consequences. After they have completed the Holy Quran, they will be able to choose either leave the class, carry on reciting the Holy Quran or they can also join the Hifiz & Qira’at or Fiqh & Translation Class.


In this class, students will learn the Holy Quran by heart. They start with the Last 10 Surah’s and continue learning the Quran by heart. When they have learnt at least a quarter of the 1 surah, they will be taken test to see if there is any mistake in pronouncing the words or if they miss any word. Once they have learned the entire Surah, they will be able to take test again but this time they will be marked for every word which they remember, pronouncing the words, and many other factors. Once the teacher believes that the student is ready to move on to the next Surah, the teacher let them know however he believes that student is not ready, then the student will have to continue to improve his/her performance with the Surah until it is acceptable.


In this class, students learn words meanings, verses translation & explanation of the Surahs of Holy Quran in English language. They start to learn last ten Surahs. Then they learn the Arabic and English translation by heart. Afterwards they learn the background of the Surah - what the Surah taught. Then they learn word to word translation of the Surah so that they know what each Arabic word means in English, This helps them better understanding the Surah and learn English translation easier. There will also be activities and tests to make sure that they do not forget what they have learnt.


Learning the second language is difficult task but if proper teacher teaches it through valuable techniques, it becomes easier. In this class, students will learn how to read Urdu along with English translation of the words they have learnt. When they start of reading Urdu more fluently, they are required to translate the Urdu text that they have learnt in English along with writing the Urdu text so that they also know how to write Urdu letters and words. Students learn the months of the year, numbers and many more useful traits that will help them speak fluent Urdu language. Now we have started the first stage of GCSE in Urdu language. Four basic skills ‘Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are applied.


The class is arranged in every Sunday. In this class, students learn the basics(Belief) of Islam. They are taught beliefs and Arkaan (Pillars of Islam) and they are also taught from very beginning of Fiqhe Islami till higher level and much more that helps them to become better Muslims. They also learn morality that will make them good Muslims. To test your knowledge and information about Islam of every topic that you do cover, there will be a written test which all students will take to see how much they can remember and how much detail they know about the topic. After depending on how much time is left, the students will be able to ask any questions about what they have covered or they may ask questions on any other topic(s) they want to discuss. We are Hanafi Muslims and follow the explanation of the Holy Quran & Sunnah (that is called Fiqh) which is explained by Imam Azam Abu Hanifah Hazrat Numam Bin Sabit (may Allah be pleased with him). It is the best activity near Almighty Allah and His Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him).



There are four Nazirah Classes (recitation of the holy Quran by visual) and every class has a good and constructive course.

Furthermore, these classes are separated according to the age of children and girls class is totally separate; a well learned lady teacher teaches them.

First Group

5 to 6 years old

Second Group

6 to 7 years old

Third Group

7 to 8 years old

Fourth Group

8 to 9 years old